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Walk & Talk Consultation

The "Walk & Talk" Home Staging consultation is fast becoming one of the surest ways to make home staging an industry standard.

Realtors, when attending your listing appointments, offering home staging will set you apart from other agents.  Most of the realtors that work with us pay for this service and home owners are loving it!  We will turn your listing from a disorganized and cluttered home to a stunning picture perfect home for your real estate photos, AND we do all the work.

This service begins with a personal consultation inside your home to understand your specific needs.  We are skilled at analyzing each room and have techniques to minimize any weak points in your home.  Whether it's making small rooms appear larger or brightening a dark space, we know how to create a visual flow to make a favorable impression in the buyers eyes.

Together, we will "Walk & Talk" through every room in your house.  Our specialist will take "all" the notes and photographs in preparation for providing you with a detailed photographic report which will outline each and every one of our personal recommendations.  Our report will provide you with a step by step guide to help you make the changes required in order to prepare your house for professional pictures and listing.

Our service will also include a "personal" Pinterest board for each client to assist with visualizing our professional recommendations.

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Vacant Home Staging

Vacant Home Staging is an extremely important aspect of selling your empty house.  When you put your home up for sale, you need to think of it as a product that needs to be successfully marketed.  Vacant Home Staging will make your home appeal to every taste and lifestyle that will be more inviting to any buyer that walks through your door.

Advantages of Vacant Staging

  • Increases the sale price of the home

  • Staged homes sell faster and for more money

  • Home Staging costs less than a price drop or monthly carrying costs

  • Staged homes are more attractive and appealing than empty homes

  • When a room is empty, buyers focus on negative details


Research has proven that 90% of people have difficulty visualizing themselves living in a vacant or empty home.  The idea of vacant home staging is to create an emotional connection between the potential buyer and the home. 


When shopping for a home, the first place that most people are going to see your property is online.  When we stage a home, we will always keep in mind how it will look in the real estate photos, resulting in picture perfect beautiful eye-catching photos.  This will result in more buyers coming through your door resulting in more offers, and ultimately a higher sale price for your home. 


The small investment in vacant home staging can save you money or potentially make you more money in the long run with competing offers.  The small cost of staging, can also put money in your pocket with not having to worry about extended carrying costs for your home.  In many circumstances, one month of carrying costs will pay for your vacant home staging package!

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2 & 3 month Packages available

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87% of our staged homes have sold in less than 30 days

Would you like to take the first step to staging your home?  Do you have a question? Contact us today to get a quote.

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